How To Avoid  Burning Out: Finding the Right  Work / Life Balance

How To Avoid Burning Out: Finding the Right Work / Life Balance

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Pay careful attention to these 5 areas that are often neglected in the pursuit of success: Nutrition How, when and what we eat, has a huge bearing on how well our bodies will perform under pressure. It is easy to begin to neglect your diet when you are focusing all your time, energy and resources on becoming successful. Purchasing cheap junk food might be convenient now, but you are not looking ahead to the disaster coming your way. A large percentage of the illnesses we face are in fact nutritional disorders that could have been prevented if we paid more attention to our diets.Nutritious food helps our bodies to grow, gives us energy and helps our bodies to repair themselves. In order for our bodies to functional optimally and not burn out, we will need to consume the recommended amount of each nutrient. But there is no need to become jittery about your diet and make any rash decisions. Here are a few suggestions to make eating well a lot easier.• Avoid foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar

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